London Down Syndrome Association

My daughter was born into a body with Down Syndrome. The London Down Syndrome Association (LDSA) provides an essential service to people with Down Syndrome and their families living in the London area. It provides parent support and social opportunities for children, teenagers, and adults with Down Syndrome. It organizes cooking nights, aquafit classes and camp - opportunities for children to gain technical and social skills. The LDSA also enables networking with organizations in the London area that provide essential services and help parents navigate the road ahead.

My daughter has been lucky enough to have received two bursaries from LDSA over the past 5 years that have helped pay for much-needed speech therapy. Communication is an important part of being socially included in our society, and like many other people with Down Syndrome, speech therapy will be a part of her life for many more years to come. Therapy is costly and our family has very much appreciated the assistance that LDSA has given us.

Now that my daughter is entering teenage-hood (she will be 13 this September), we are starting to see the social gap widen between her and her same age neurotypical peers. It is now even more important that she engages with the LDSA community so that she can have social opportunities and a feeling of "belonging".

- Mel

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