World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

When I was a child, I received a kit in the mail from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which included a sticker of their logo (the panda, which was creatively designed by the founders to save on printing costs) which I affixed to my bedroom nightstand. I wondered, as a child, what I could do to help animals, knowing that I didn’t have the means to give financially. At school, we participated in a local community cleanup and I volunteered as a group organizer. The entire school participated. I was amazed that such a small event contributed in such a massive way to help a larger need. I decided when I got older that if I was ever able to help fund a cause, it would be to help animals and their habitats – no matter how big or how small. I donate what I can and each month I know that I’m doing my small part for a greater, global cause to help our planet and all its inhabitants. We all need to do our part.

Since 1961, WWF has worked tirelessly to help conserve the environment and ecosystems as well as provide for the protection and future care of animals and their habitats, all over the world. Over the years, WWF has helped numerous species survive extinction, and raised others species on the endangered population lists to healthy numbers around the globe. Eighty-four percent of its funding is directed to worldwide conservation activities.

- Aimee

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