There is always one moment that makes you reconsider what "too busy" is. My mom had been trying to call me for two days, and I kept saying "sorry can I call you back" or “I’m busy” but really I was being too consumed in my own bubble. Then the FaceTime call came through.

From the moment I saw her face I knew whatever she wanted to say had weight and meaning. During a routine mammogram they had found a lump, and surgery needed to be done. For most people, your mind tends to take you to a dark place, but for my mom that was not an option. As a mother, "grammie", and a dedicated wife for over 40 years, the only thing she could say was "everything is going to be okay".

After two surgeries, and a round of radiation, I am SO PROUD to say my mother fought for her health, her life, and her family to kick cancer in the butt!

She fought everyday with a brave face, big smile, and never let a day pass without calling her family to tell us how much she loves us. But deep down we always knew that this experience would change and stay with her forever.

Once her energy level was up I remember having a call with my mom where she told me about Wellspring. She had signed up for Reiki and was looking at other classes too. What I wouldn't realize is Wellspring is more than an organization, or a building, it's a support system. It's a place where she could go to meet other who truly understood what it meant to fight for your health. It was safe space where having cancer didn't define you, or limit you. Thanks to Wellspring my mom was able to get back out into the community and enjoy some "me time" in a safe, bright space. She tried new things, and we saw her glow come back to life.

Wellspring is a Canada-wide network of community-based centres, each offering programs and services, without referral, to anyone, with any type of cancer, at any stage in their journey. Wellspring charges no fees and receives no government or other core funding. Programs and operations are made possible only through the generosity of donors and funds raised through sponsorships and special events.

- Christine H.

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