Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southwestern Ontario

The London Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario quickly became our safe haven, our home away from home. Our daughter spent the first four months of her life in London Victoria Hospital - fighting for her life. She was born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, which is when the diaphragm doesn't fully develop or has a hole, allowing the stomach and intestines (among other organs) to grow up into their chest cavity. Our daughter had severe under developed lungs, and her heart was on the opposite side. Being able to be steps away from her was a blessing. Having a place to rest, eat, mourn, chat, laugh, and simply just be - was amazing. The staff of the Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario became our Family. We loved knowing that they were there to help in any way they could. Whether it was offering some laughs, hugs, advice or just simply listening to us talk about our daughter - they helped. We had many nights of fun as well as taking our minds off of the stress and fear. They took away a lot of stress of the cost of living away from home. We could NEVER afford to stay in a hotel and be close to our daughter. I wasn't working and my husband took time off work to be with her. Being able to have affordable living was a huge relief. We are forever grateful to the House. To providing tasty home cooked meals, to being there for us and for making our stay memorable. We often still talk about them! We miss them. We try to visit every chance we can, just to say hi! We miss our Home away from Home!! Our son still talks about the house & staff as well. I love that they will help anyone out that they can. That they provide a home steps away from the Hospital, provide friendship and a safe haven!

- Caroline

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