Salvation Army

I would like to share a very special and personal story with you that happened at Christmas...

On October 8, 2003, I arrived to this wonderful country, with my heart full of hope and great intentions, but with no money at all. I was alone with two kids: Ricardo was 7 and Veronica was 9 years old. Christmas arrived and I had nothing to give to my kids on behalf of "Baby Jesus" or "Santa." At that time, they still believed in them and I had no idea what to do!

One night while I was crying thinking how sad that Christmas would be without my family, goodies or toys, I prayed... I prayed with all my heart and soul and ask God for something for my children...

Two days later, a teacher in my ESL class told us to go to the Salvation Army, because they were going to give us a turkey. Great! A turkey would be perfect for our Christmas dinner, so I went there and I was surprised when they also asked for how many family members there were and their ages.

Just before Christmas, they gave me not only a turkey but also 2 boxes of goodies and A BAG FULL OF TOYS FOR MY KIDS!!! My prayers were heard, and through Salvation Army, God answered them!

That Christmas has been one of the most special for me and my kids, not because of the toys, the goodies or the turkey, but also because I learned the power of a prayer, and that Family is not only in your blood but also in our friends’ souls... home is where you are!

Now is time for me to pay Salvation Army back for all that happiness that they gave not only to me but also to a lot of people that Christmas in 2003 and every single year: Please help me to help God to answer more prayers through Salvation Army!!!

Thank you!!!


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