Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southwestern Ontario

My son was born early and was in the NICU at Victoria Hospital struggling with a few things, but his breathing was the worst.

When your newborn turns blue and is taken from you at birth and then strapped to wires and machines the worst, scariest moments occur. Although there is so little you can do as the mom at a time when you should be all that baby needs, leaving your newborn even for a minute or an hour seems unnatural and unbearable. So when Ronald McDonald House called me to say they had a room for me I told them to give it to someone “More in need.”

The woman on the phone said “Mama, you need to take care of you so that you can take care of that baby so this room is for you only.” I needed a push to accept help and they were there every step of the way giving me food, a shower, a bed, gifts, especially on Mother’s Day when I was still there, a place for my 5 year old to visit and play with her Mama AND I was minutes from my son if or when he needed me.

I cannot think of a better organization to receive your support and my gratitude.

- Meghan

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