Kids Country Club

In 2014, our youngest son Brady, was born with some challenges. He eats exclusively through a feeding tube and has/had some other medical issues, some severe and briefly life threatening. All of this combined makes it harder for us to have the breathing room that some other parents have.

Although we wouldn’t change a thing about our son, we would just exhausted in every way if it wasn’t for Kids Country Club. They provide the rest and rejuvenation we need by taking our son for some overnights and weekends.

We feel safe having him spend time here, because they have trained medical professionals(nurses, PSWs) on staff at all times, day and night and he’s with people who love him and he loves them right back. It’s like his little home away from home and he’s made some great little friends with kids of all ages. When we pick him up, we are rested and ready to resume the 24 hr level care he requires again.

Thank you Kids Country Club, for dedicating yourselves wholeheartedly to these medical fragile, technologically dependent children and their parents for even just a short little while. You give so much of yourselves, now it’s time someone gave back to you.

Thank you, Sincerely

- Sara

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