Jessica’s House

Jessica’s House Residential Hospice in Exeter is an amazing place with amazing staff. My mother had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer the beginning of January of this year. This is the third time for her to battle cancer.

My mom had taken very ill in the middle of March and was given the opportunity to stay at the Jessica’s House for the remainder of her life.

The staff and volunteers in this lovely place are absolutely amazing and go out of their way to help make sure that the family is comfortable and the one they are caring for is as well.

They helped with paperwork and keeping us updated on changing conditions of our loved one day by day. It takes very special people to be able to take on the care of other people's loved ones when they get to this stage in life.

Jessica’s House is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. To think that it is all operated by the donations from other families and charities is a great gift from everyone.

To have a special person be able to have this house built after dealing with a tragedy of their own touches my heart very deeply. Then to have such compassionate people come in and help with the care of our own loved ones.

I will never forget any of the staff and hope to visit often even though my mom is no longer there. One of the nurses brought in her guitar and played it for mom and the nurse that was coming in on the shift change sang to my mom.

The support and the care was far more than I would ever have thought it would be and I am very pleased to say that I hope that if my health gets to that point that they have a spot for me as well.

- Tiffany

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