Islamic Relief Canada

My parents immigrated away from their homeland in order to give us a better life. A life with guaranteed freedoms and a life to do what they couldn’t accomplish in the limited environment they grew up in. I know this sounds cliché but quite literally – my father worked in 45 degrees Celsius in the sun working on planes to get us to Canada. We relied so heavily on our father to earn for us. Moreover, there was quite a lot of conflict in Pakistan due to political tension, rising terrorism within the tribal areas, and heavy gaps between poor and rich - there was no hope of a job for him there either. We had no idea what we were going to do at that point. Fast forward 25 years later, when I got to the age of earning for myself and helping my aging parents – I found a charity called, Islamic Relief. I needed a reliable organization (preferably 100% Canadian) to send my charity to and to help children who are orphaned in conflict areas and help vulnerable women make a living for themselves through education, as well as an organization that responds to world emergencies immediately. They are based in Burlington, Ontario, and are very well known. They help everyone – they do not have to be Muslims or of Muslim faith. This is why I LOVE them – absolutely no discrimination. What I want to convey is what their mission statement says:

“ And whoever saves a life, it would be as if he had saved all mankind” Qu’ran 5:32 – We are ready to answer the call.”

- B Hassan

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