Essential Aid and Family Services of Ontario Inc.

Parenting proves to be one of life’s greatest responsibilities and with the belief that “NO child should have to go without”, Essential Aid and Family Services of Ontario Inc. was created to provide children with basic needs including, diapers, formula, baby food and toddler snacks. Essential Aid is a non-profit, non-government funded agency that relies heavily on donors and community relations to continue to facilitate assistance to the 350+ families they serve each month.

Being a parent myself, Essential Aid is a charity that really hits home and has impacted me by opening my eyes to the demand for assistance and lack of resources made available to children in moments of emergency. I have participated in their unique fundraisers and witnessed the impact that Essential Aid has on some of the most vulnerable in the Greater Hamilton Area (Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Ancaster and Dundas). Essential Aid acts as a helping hand without discrimination or embarrassment. They bridge a gap during life’s unforeseen financial hardships.

Below is a quote taken from the Founder & Executive Director of Essential Aid, which I feel most accurately expresses the charity’s mandate.

“While clutching my arm, in tears, a young mother explains that she has been adding extra water to her baby's bottles to try and make her infant formula stretch until payday. She tells me she doesn't "need" the diapers I am offering, says she can do without diapers but is desperate for Formula as she cannot do without feeding her baby.

That was the moment, when I handed her the formula and diapers, that I vowed to stop at nothing until no mother would be forced to choose. That no child would have to go without.”

- Amanda