Our Grandaughter, Charlotte, at the age of 18 months was diagnosed with ALL, Childhood leukemia. Our family was rocked. It is very hard to put into words the devastating effect news like that has. Everything changed for my daughter, son-in-law and, of course, Charlotte. Home, work and social life all were turned upside down and came to a grinding halt. When a child has cancer, a parent must be with them 24/7. The financial and emotional toll is immeasurable.

If there are rays of sunshine in this scenario they are the Doctors, Nurses and staff at London Sick Children’s Hospital and ChildCan. The care the entire family has had is nothing but stellar.

Once a child has been diagnosed with cancer it is required that a parent must remain with that child at all times. For this reason and others there is a significant financial burden placed on the family. This program assists with financial supports upon request, and is as individual as the family served. It may include assistance with rent and mortgage payments, utility bills, food, car repairs, travel, community based family counseling, meal vouchers while in hospital, parking passes, emotional support and so much more. An application process is not required. Childcan is notified of the diagnosis by the hospital and their support kicks in immediately. We experienced first day contact.

Through the 2 years of treatment ChildCan continued its support.

Charlotte is now cancer free and ChildCan was a large part of her successful battle.

  • Derek & Chauna

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