Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

I would love to see Spinal Cord Injury Ontario benefit from your Charitable Giveaway. In April of 2012 my father slipped and fell while on our family vacation. He suffered C4 injury and is now quadriplegic. After he recovered from surgery and was well enough to be transported, he was flown to Ottawa and spent over a year in the Rehab Centre at the Ottawa Hospital. Angela Clair and the team at Spinal Cord Injury Ontario played a life altering part in the recovery for my father and in fact our whole family. This was a traumatic time for my father. My parents have never been apart and we are all extremely close. They lived with me 6 months of the year and lived in Newfoundland for the other 6 months. At one point during his recovery, we felt that my father would not be able to come home and would have to live in an assisting living facility. We really came to terms with his injury but we were more devastated by the thought of not being able to live with us. Spinal Cord Injury Ontario has so many resources that changed our lives. They are like a “hub” with a sophisticated network and direct contact and links to resources such as Government Home Care Assistance, mobility providers, donated equipment, support groups, contact and networking with other Spinal Cord Injury clients and much more. They had a huge presence at the Rehab Centre. They held events/sessions in the centre at least weekly. My Mom and Dad would attend these sessions and found them so informative. The Spinal Cord Injury Ontario provides information on everything from personal hygiene, intimacy issues, public transit, health issues, events in the community.... just life in general while living with a spinal cord injury. It gave them hope that they would be able to live a life outside an Assisted Living Facility. Angela and her team helped us with a Hospital Bed, Mattress, Ceiling Lift and a commode....Some of which were donated and some of which were sourced for us at a very reasonable price. Some days we are just so exhausted and having Angela source these living necessities has helped tremendously. My dad and our family have suffered so much physically and financially with his injury we would never have been able to move on to the next chapter in our lives. My parents moved into an apartment within blocks of our house and my dad has everything he needs to live a respectable health and happy quality of life. They are happy and thanks to the support from Angela Clair and Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, they also have the emotional support they need. Very recently, there was an electrical surge on the floor of my parents’ apartment. This damaged the mattress and the bed. Without this he would have to sleep in the hospital until we could get this replaced. We were devastated. We called Angela for help. She got in contact with all the resources we needed. What she did, saved us probably days’ worth of telephone calls, emails and back and forth messages. She helped us with the arrangement of a suitable rental bed, she was in direct contact with the coordinator for additional support for home care because of the sores my dad developed due to improper mattress support, she spoke directly with a vendor to help me with ordering a replacement mattress, she found a donated bed for us, delivered it and helped us put it together. The amount of expertise, knowledge, resourcefulness, compassion and emotional support that Angela Clair and the Spinal Cord Injury Ontario has given to my father, our family, other clients and the community is more than we could ever imagine. What they do is actually life changing and I know that with the money they receive from your Charitable Giveaway they could impact many more people and their families who have suffered this devastating injury.


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