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I would like to nominate Spinal Cord Injury Ontario for your 90th anniversary donation. Congratulations on your special anniversary and all the best to you and your organization!

The caring work that Spinal Cord Injury Ontario does to assist seriously injured individuals and their families cope with an extremely traumatic life altering change is exceptional and invaluable. Although there are other reasons for a spinal cord injury to occur, most often it is due to a sudden and devastating accident which leaves the injured individual and their family totally unprepared for the major changes to their lives. They are not only faced with dealing with a serious medical situation and healing the initial trauma but are also totally at a loss as to how to navigate through all the information and services they will need going forward in their new lives once they leave hospital. Our experience after my son’s accident and the news that he had sustained a spinal cord injury that would leave him quadriplegic was totally overwhelming and confusing as well as devastating. There are many stages of grief to be gotten through with such dire and life altering news. And also so many hurdles to navigate and information to be found on how to navigate the new reality of life. I truly believe we would not have made it through these first two and a half years since my son’s accident as successfully without the support and knowledge of the wonderful support workers at Spinal Cord Injury Ontario who have been there to assist and advise my son as well as my husband and I. The support we have received has been phenomenal and there are not enough words to express my gratitude.

Our experience with Spinal Cord Injury Ontario began once my son was off life support and finally beginning his rehab at Parkwood in London, Ontario. We were introduced to a lovely lady from the London branch of SCIO named Penny who came to meet with John to answer any questions he had regarding spinal cord injury and what to expect. It was so relevant as she herself has a spinal cord injury and was in a wheelchair. The first “wheeler” John could relate to since his accident. She was kind and open and willing to answer any questions he had. There were a lot he had to ask! She then hooked him up with SCIO peer support of another young man with a similar injury to visit him and to talk with. John was able to get some quite personal questions and concerns answered through his relationship with Mike that were difficult to talk about with others that haven’t experienced the type of injury and new lifestyle he was facing. So very invaluable! Mike was able to give John hope for his future, I believe, as he was able to relate to another young man further out from his injury who was successful, independent and coping well with his new life. Made a huge difference in helping John see past the devastation to a possible future.

Once John had completed his rehab in London he moved back to the Guelph area and we were assigned an amazing support worker in this area. Melanie has truly been the glue that has held me together through the dark times these past two years when John’s care was up in the air and through many difficult times and setbacks that John had. She advised and listened and researched and fought hard to find the resources he needed to finally be independent and in his own apartment. I honestly do not think we would have made it if it wasn’t for her help along the difficult path John took. She stuck through it with us all along the way and found solutions I would not have been able to on my own. I always felt I could rely on her and my gratitude for her kindness is eternal. John is finally on a more positive path and independent in his own place. Melanie from SCIO was instrumental in getting him and me to this point.

I believe the work done by SCIO is invaluable and so necessary to the success of individuals dealt a horrific blow. They are truly deserving of your consideration for your anniversary donation.

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