Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

Hi, my name is Leandro and I come from Brazil. I’ve been here in Canada since January 2018.

Even though I had had a lot of experience such as Accounting role in the past, when I came up to Canada, I felt many barriers to get a fantastic job.

First of all, I hadn’t any idea how to prepare my Canadian Resume and prepare for an interview to introduce myself.

Secondly, I’m a person with disabilities and I’ve been using a wheelchair since 2004. I felt some discrimination by the many companies when they saw me face to face. Because many always asked me if I worked hard, how can I go to my job, in terms of which sort of commute, and much more.

Anyway, I found SCIO (Spinal Cord Injury Ontario) when I was Googled it. Afterwards, my life in Toronto changed for the better. I got a lot of attention, and SCIO helped and drove me to success.

For me, employment is the most important thing. Many years ago, when I had my accident and then became a person with disabilities, everything also changed. In parallel, I found a different way to carry on myself growing in my career and even in my personal life.

At the beginning I had no idea what to do. Employment was the best way to bounce back and keep going with the struggle day after day, showing society that people with any disabilities can be productive or sometimes better than ordinary employees.

Besides, employment shall be an excellent door for respectful inclusion for everyone and decreased harassment.

When people with any disability come back or get their first job, engaging with the other employees surrounding them contributes to the work environment, making it much better than before, due to both sides exchanging an understanding of each other’s skills and lifestyle and achieving goals together.

In conclusion everybody with any disability should have work. My advice is that people with disabilities should go through the employment service at organizations such as Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, and you'll find out the best direction to get a job and feel better and also for your mental health. Never give up on any opportunities in your life."


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