London Youth Symphony

In 2008 my son auditioned as a bassoon player for the London Youth Symphony. That year they told him he wasn’t quite ready and gave him suggestions to work on. He came back in 2009 and was accepted as principal bassoonist. As proud parents we wanted to support this amazing organization that has supported youth musicians for 59 years. In 2011 he won the solo competition and performed with London Youth Symphony as a tenor. I was offered the job as manager in 2010 and have loved every moment with this amazing organization. Being part of such a supportive environment, watching the young musicians come in so nervous for their auditions, seeing the joy on their faces when they are accepted or the determination to return next season if they are not quite ready. The amazing way the musicians work together supporting each other as they grow as musicians and as people. Watching them leave, many to pursue a post-secondary education and then a professional career sometime in music sometimes on another path makes me endlessly proud.

We work very hard to offer top notch music education while trying to keep the costs low so everyone can be a part of London Youth Symphony. Fundraising is much more difficult, we are fighting to keep an important part of music education in London. Please consider us.


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