Investing in Children

I would like to nominate Investing In Children for the Lerners Lawyers $90,000 Charitable Giveaway.

Investing In Children is a registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency (86321 3450 RR0001)

Their mandate is to work with the community to improve the lives of children and their families because they believe that every child should be provided with opportunities to help them reach their potential.

We and many others have been so fortunate to have had a chance to participate in several of the programs offered by Investing In Children, such as:

Guitar Program - where the children get free guitar lessons.

Songwriting Program - where the children get to learn songwriting skills

Kids First Day - where Investing In Children arranges a day where more than 50 businesses and organizations across the city offer free or low-cost activities to children and families

Many of these programs would not be affordable for many families but Investing In Children offers there program completely free. It gives children the opportunity to learn new skills, and grow as individuals. It gives them something to work on, especially nowadays when so many kids are addicted to screens.

I has been wonderful to see the children attend these activities with such excitement.

Everyone is so grateful.

However Investing In Children cannot continue offering such wonderful programming without donations.

This is why I feel Investing In Children would be a perfect candidate for part of the Lerners Lawyers $90,000 Charitable Giveaway.


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