The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise

The Raw Carrot is a social enterprise that started in Paris, Ontario in 2000. The organization provides meaningful work for persons on ODSP by making delicious healthy soups that are sold in-house and through third party vendors. The organization has expanded from a single site to include 4 satellite sites with the Paris location being the “hub” or head office.

Recipes are developed by the 2 spear is a professional nurse, the other with an extensive background in not-for-profits. These two women are paid modestly and are in need of assistance to allow the work of the hub to expand in order to facilitate the development of the model in other sites. While the individual sites can be self-sustainable through soup sales the hub needs the support of donors to maintain and continue to develop in-house systems.

The workers’ lives have been dramatically impacted by their work. A parent regained care of their children, another was able to return to work after an absence with increased mental health symptoms. Stories abound regarding the impact meaningful work has had on the workers.

Our family buys the soup. My husband has it for lunch every day. He never made a lunch and went out to eat most of the time so we spend less, and his staff are happy because his lunch time is more predictable. He’s a family doctor and recently one of the diabetic teaching staff asked him to consult with a client who ate commercial soup daily and had very high levels of salt in their blood work. The team offered the client a different choice that was equally convenient that also provides work for the workplace challenged close to home. Win-Win.

The finances will be helpful in developing the work of the hub. The spear headers have outgrown their ability to manage this very successful enterprise independently.


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