Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario

I believe that Ronald McDonald Houses Southwestern Ontario should get your donation.

My name is Zach I am 16. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Aplastic Anemia. This means that my bone marrow doesn't produce blood. Since I didn't have enough blood I didn't have the ability to fight infections and my blood wouldn't clot, meaning even if I got just a small cut it wouldn't stop bleeding. Because of the delicate state I was in, and the fact that I had to have blood transfusions twice a week I could not be at home and I had to live near the hospital. I had to live away from home for seven months straight, and then three months where I could go home but would have to return for a check-up. During those months I lived at Ronald McDonald House (RMH).

RMH is like a hotel for sick people and their families. This meant that my parents could live nearby when I was in the hospital. RMH also provides food for the patients staying there through groups who volunteer to cook. Without RMH I would have had to stay in a hotel, which in the condition I was in, could have been very dangerous. Living in a hotel for seven months also is very costly. RMH was a huge help during my stay at the hospital as well as during the time when I was unable to be at home.

The workers and volunteers at RMH are passionate about their jobs. I was not really able to leave the house since my immune system was so low. The house was my entertainment for those seven months. The workers planned activities for those of us in the house, even in the evenings we often played games.

I know that while I was at the house the donations they received helped to make my stay an enjoyable and affordable place to stay. I still look back at my time at RMH as a difficult but good experience. This is why I think RMH deserves your donation.


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