Participation House Support Services

Participation House...I had never heard of that organization until 11 years ago, and even then I didn’t know how important and integral it would become in our lives as a family. My son was born with severe developmental disabilities and an uncontrolled seizure disorder. Over the years, his seizures became increasingly more frequent and greater in intensity, and he needed assistance with all of his activities of daily living. We received a great deal of support during those early years.

And then came the day when my son turned 18, and everything changed. Supports dramatically disappeared to the point of being almost non-existent; however he was a man, and not a child, and I could no longer care for him at home, because his care requirements were so intensive. What were we to do? It was such a devastating realization.

However, one agency stepped up to the plate, and with the help of the Local Health Integration Network, my son was able to move into a Participation House home, live with roommates, and be cared for by trained and compassionate individuals 24 hours a day. What an amazing God-given gift we had received! My son would have a life all his own, and instead of being a caregiver, I would be his mom! I cried tears of joy and relief it when I received the call.

That is why Participation House Support Services, a registered charitable organization, was established in 1988: to provide a better life for people with developmental disabilities and those with medical and/or complex needs. Instead of being placed in big, impersonal institutions around the province, which could be far away from families, the organization wanted to provide “home” placements in the community where residents are valued, treated with dignity and respect, and where they can fully participate in activities. In other words, Participation House wanted to provide these special individuals with a beautiful and meaningful quality of life, and it has done just that.

Participation House changes lives, and is so deserving of your gift of funding. Not only will the donation be used in homes where support is tailored to meet individual needs, but it is also used for equipment, modifications, and for personal care when hospitalizations occur. Funding is needed to help in community involvement activities such as day programs, arts programs like Possibilities in Paint where participants can express themselves, and outings which enrich the lives of those with special needs.

I pass on my congratulations to Lerners LLP for your 90th anniversary and for helping your clients all those years. I hope Participation House will also reach that milestone, and with the support of your donation, this agency too can continue to help make residents’ lives better and richer, because ALL lives are important. Thank you for considering this most worthwhile organization.


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