Joseph’s House at the Cross Cultural Learner Centre

Cross Cultural Learner Centre - Joseph’s House is a place not to be forgotten by many newcomers in London Ontario.

Imagine you get to a place where you know no one, have nowhere to sleep, have no food to eat, frightened by your past, thinking of loved ones you left behind, thinking of a place where you lost everything you worked for and have just your breath to thank God daily for the gift of life, yet you are welcome.

Think of a place that welcomes newcomers regardless their age, ethnicity and religion. A place like Joseph’s House is a monument, a spiritual monument that we carry everywhere we go. A monument that can never be destroyed. Even if the whole building goes down, it stays in our hearts forever.

In Saint Joseph’s House, we had people from different parts of the world, Colombia, Mexico, Sudan, Egypt, Cameroon, Congo just to name a few. While there, we learned how to live together like a family, overcome our fears and learned how to integrate into society. This is the best thing to have happened to us.

I thank Joseph’s House and the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre and all the staff for their good work and pray the Lord God to replenish their effort wherever it’s lacking.


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