Community Living London

Suffering from the afternoon blahs? Not on a Friday afternoon at Community Living London! Come to 190 Adelaide on a Friday afternoon and you will hear the sounds of people joyously giving their lungs a workout in “Glee Club”!

Community Living London is dedicated to supporting people with developmental disabilities to live fulfilled lives in collaboration with families and the community, and has been doing so since 1952. As part of Community Living London, Community Access Services offers a wide range of activities linking adults who have a developmental disability to meaningful leisure, recreation, practical learning and volunteer opportunities, creating a schedule of daily activities that is as unique as each person.

“Glee Club” is one of the activities offered, and draws a wide range of people who enjoy rounding out their week with some lively music and great company. The selections range from songs you hear currently on the radio to some of the old standbys, and everything in between. The people who participate in Glee Club have their favourite songs, and you might hear some Justin Bieber, Selena Gomes and Miley Cyrus interspersed with a little “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and “Day-O”! People are given the words to enable them to sing along, and the dance floor is always open for those who want to express themselves in that way. One of the Direct Support Professionals leads the singing, accompanied by another on the piano, and requests come from the enthusiastic chorus members - they have recently added “Shallow” from “A Star is Born”!

“Glee Club” offers people an opportunity to socialize with their friends, indulge their love for music, move and groove and connect with others who share the same interests. This donation would enable Community Living London to continue to offer this, and many other activities, to inspire possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities and enable them to achieve their dreams.


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