The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise

The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise is making a significant impact in our community. I am the pastor of Paris Presbyterian Church, one of the sites for the Raw Carrot. At this location 9 people on ODSP are employed. Three of their staff currently attend our church. I have seen the impact that working for the Raw Carrot has had not only for them financially but also with their self-confidence and their sense of identity. I still recall one staff member with two kids would routinely need financial assistance from the church. Typically right around December she would come in for help to buy winter boots for her kids. The first year she was hired by the Raw Carrot it was approaching December and she had not yet come to me for any financial assistance. I decided one day to reach out and to ask if her family needed some help as the snow would soon be falling. I will never forget the look of confidence as she responded “not this year, I have a job.” This is just one of many stories of the tangible impact that the Raw Carrot is making in people’s lives and in our community,


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