Participation House Support Services

Participation House Support Services of London and Area (PHSS) is an agency that helps physically and/or developmentally challenged individuals to live in the community. I’d like to share a bit about all the ways I’ve benefited from PHSS.

In the spring of 2005, at the age of 38, I was given a lifeline by PHSS. At the time, I was living in a St. Catharine’s nursing home and finding it tough and isolating. I shared my situation with Globe and Mail writer Lisa Priest explaining the difficulties I faced. PHSS reached out to me after reading Lisa’s story and invited me to consider moving to a group home in London. My two housemates at the group home on Millridge Court were Ruth-Anne and Wendy, two lovely ladies, and it was a blessing to move in with them.

Because of the commitment that PHSS has to ensuring best quality of life for the individuals they serve, they recognized my desire and readiness to move to an independent living arrangement. When I learned of the availability of an accessible unit in a newly constructed building, Huron Pines Housing Complex, PHSS staff worked diligently to ensure my successful transition to living on my own. I was very excited to move there in August 2009 and I enjoyed the freedom it brought me, the increased personal decision-making and I loved meeting many new people thanks to my expanded mobility with my motorized wheelchair.

Without PHSS, I may have never had the opportunity to live independently again. My quality of life was significantly enhanced compared to when I was living in the nursing home.

In my life, my purpose is to glorify God and I recognize and am grateful for how He has directed me to people within PHSS and the community who have helped me along the way.

Currently I require more care and am living in a different PHSS group home on Southdale Road. Understanding my desire for more independence, PHSS is once again helping me prepare to move in the fall.

I’m only one of the many individuals supported by PHSS at its 50 locations. Adaptive devices, transportation and community involvement are critical to quality of life. PHSS is constantly striving to meet these needs as well as reducing the waitlist so that others to access the same support.

I’m so glad PHSS will support me regardless of my Spinal Cerebellar Degeneration/Ataxia (sca). It brings reassurance to know that they’ll always help and I have the security of supports.


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