London Symphonia

In December 2014, I along with many other music lovers in London Ontario, were devastated when our beloved "Orchestra London" went into bankruptcy. When me and my family moved to Canada in 1978 I was thrilled to learn that there was a Professional Symphony Orchestra right here in London and I became a subscriber, donor, and huge fan of the orchestra for many years.

After the immediate shock of losing the Orchestra, we were very thankful to learn that many of the former musicians of Orchestra London had decided to "PLAY ON". They were totally committed to continue to bring live orchestral music to the London community and performed a great number of concerts in various churches, schools, and even London Airport in 2015 and 2016. In the fall of 2016, I was invited to take part in a brainstorming session to discuss all aspects of taking the "WE PLAY ON" orchestra through the birthing process of founding a totally new professional orchestra. At this session I was very fortunate to meet with the founding Chair and other new board member and was thrilled to be offered a position on the board for the new orchestra. After lots of deliberation a name was chosen for the new orchestra and the official launch of our new Professional Orchestra "LONDON SYMPHONIA" was in January 2017.

The Orchestra just completed its second full season in May 2019 and has recently released their brochure for the new and exciting 2019-2020 season that consists of 6 Main Series concerts plus 3 Chamber type concerts. In addition to this, the Management Team (Staff and Board Members) and Artistic Advisory Council (AAC consisting of 3 senior musicians) are also committed to an outreach program involving schools in the community. All the musicians of London Symphonia are extremely passionate about the music they play and this is very evident when you attend any one of the live performances. We are also extremely fortunate to have a fantastic Individual Donor Base of people who are committed to keeping orchestral music alive in the London community. However, in today’s times, with shrinking government grants for the arts, and the challenges associated with getting corporate sponsorships, it is increasingly difficult to expand our concert programming as well as the educational outreach vision for the community to the extent that we would like.

Lerners’ has been a strong supporter for the arts in the past and we would be thrilled to receive a donation for our wonderful orchestra.


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