Kids Kicking Cancer

I became involved in Kids Kicking Cancer three years ago when it was announced at our karate dojo that they needed volunteers. I knew other black belts who were involved and loved it. My experience in Kids Kicking Cancer has been nothing short of life changing.

Kids Kicking Cancer (KKC) is a global organization dedicated to lowering the pain of children through the teaching of martial arts as a therapy. KKC is proud to offer the program in London, Ontario to in-patients at London Children's Hospital and through classes in the community, which is where I volunteer as a Martial Arts Therapist. We teach children breathing, meditation and traditional karate which empowers them to teach others, thus gain purpose with their lives. Children learn to breathe in the light and push out the darkness. This has extended into the creation of a Heroes Circle program dedicated to lowering the pain of all children regardless of disease.

I have been a Black Belt for 14 years and nothing has impacted me as much as this program has. I love everything about Kids Kicking Cancer but certainly, the kids and their families are the highlights. I have gotten so much out of volunteering with KKC. My heart and soul are full every week after leaving the program. The children have the most amazing spirit regardless of the difficulties they face. They have fought back against Cancer and many other illnesses and conditions, yet they are winning the battle. Regardless of how difficult my day is they put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. I have become a better person and martial artist since joining the Kids Kicking Cancer family. This experience has reminded me how to count my blessings and stay positive even when I am faced with difficult situations and dealing with traumatic events. When my PTSD is at its worst, all I have to do is go to a KKC class and my heart rate slows down and I am able to breathe. It has been healing for myself as well as for the children and their families.

Kids Kicking Cancer would greatly benefit from receiving this money as the program is offered to all children and their siblings free of charge including uniforms, new belts, and equipment. The funds received would be used to help offset these costs to ensure the program can be offered to all children who need it.

Happy Anniversary and thank you for considering Kids Kicking Cancer for this giveaway.


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