Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

My name is Marcel and I am the father of a son ( Rick ) born with Spina Bifida & Hydro Cephalus, paralyzed from the waist down. Years have seen numerous operations, revisions, Harrington rods, shunts to name but a few procedures.

This Testimonial is an expression of how vital a part of Rick's life the Spinal Cord Injury Ontario Association has been. The services of the of the Regional Services Co-ordinator has extended to but not limited to :

  • Co-ordination of group meetings & activities,

  • Exposure to various products, legal issues and programs relating to individual's with spinal cord injuries,

  • Reaching out, on our behalf, & securing funding from other organizations, including to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s own small funding program called Enhancing Independence funding program for a specialized mattress to assist with healing pressure sores,

  • to assisting us with an application to the March of Dimes provincial funding home and Vehicle Modification Program several years ago, the regional services Coordinator assisted my son with obtaining grant funding for a vehicle modification so that my son can independently drive his own vehicle. More recently, she has supported us in completing a house modification application in order to get grant funding to modify a bathroom with wheel in shower, to enhance my son's access to proper hygiene.

The Association has, given the above, aided my son to be an active and constructive member of our local community by working as a cashier in a local retail outlet, as a goal judge at our local arena and on benevolent activities.

Without the support he and others would be marginalized and limited in their efforts and development.

The Lerners LLP initiative is notable and will be of great assistance to the targeted recipients, and having benefited from the Spinal Association, I can only strongly re-enforce my endorsement.


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