Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

I had an accident in November of 2017 with a collapsed walker which fractured my back and I had no idea. I walked with a sore left leg for about 3 weeks thinking it was my fibromyalgia acting up. Suddenly I had to go to the washroom in my home and fell; this happened 3 times before I clued in that something was wrong. I lay on the bed and felt from my left toe a flutter up my leg to my tummy down the right leg to the toe. I was paralyzed. I was brought to the hospital in Montfort on December 6th then transferred to the Civic December 12th, 2017 and in for surgery December 13th with no guarantee to walk again. But I had faith on my side, and I was going home.

The surgery was a success. Now off to recovery and physiotherapy at a calendar continuing care hospital so I could get home. Or so I thought. But that was not in their cards to help me at all. The first social worker I had just wanted me to sell my home because I needed the asset now and never mind my children. I sure let her know that once she reaches my age she might not think the same way and suggested we explore other avenues before this step.

I was transferred to convalescent care unit but declined assistance from another organization. So I went on a mission to find help. I suggested my second social worker contact Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) since I have a spinal cord injury. She said she could try, but no guarantee.

Well what do you know, I got my wish and a ticket out of jail after one conversation with Angela from SCIO. We met up she asked me what I'd like to do, where I'd like to go. She made me feel comfortable and in a safe place. I was comfortable with her, I felt I could trust her, and she made it very clear we could get me home. You don't know how this made me feel with all the efforts I had made to get out of this place I didn't enjoy. We were going to get me home.

Angela worked with the social worker and the occupational therapist back and forth through each step. So, the process began. We did the March of Dimes application and it was approved very quickly. I received the contacts and had the renovations in my home bathroom and door to garage completed. SCIO donated a beautiful lift in the garage for me. Angela from SCIO spent countless hours filling in funding applications e.g. Kiwanis Club. She cares so much about me, I'm sure she had sleepless nights thinking about the situation I was in. And she made many telephone calls to find me furniture such as a beautiful hospital bed, mattress, side table etc...

How much more can one ask for?

Angela and SCIO have gone over and above what I expected. Thank you so much for setting me free – I am flying again.


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