ReForest London

A few years ago I was looking to volunteer for a non-profit organization that would both inspire me and, to use an oft-repeated phrase, "make the world a better place." I discovered ReForest London, and knew it was the perfect one for me.

ReForest London's mandate is "to improve London's environmental health through planting trees in the community - streets, backyards, parks, and natural areas." ReForest London renews this commitment every year, in so many ways: through education, both with the general public and in elementary schools; with their tree depots, where we make Londoners happy by giving them free young trees; with tree plantings in various areas all around London; and by its presence at multiple community events throughout the year.

Volunteering with ReForest London provides me with at least three positive experiences. First, I know I'm helping to improve London's environment and contributing to the fight against climate change in a very tangible, specific way just by the simple act of planting trees. It also enables me to connect with the greater London community and help others learn about trees and their importance.

But most of all, it inspires me to know that by being even a small part of ReForest London, I'm investing in the future. Planting a tree, or empowering others to do so, is an act of hope. And trees not only help make London a greener, healthier place to live, but a more beautiful one. And we all can use more beauty and hope in our lives.


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