Participation House Foundation

Participation House (PH) is a registered charitable organization which serves a portion of the population who have developmental and/or complex medical care requirements. A hallmark of this agency is its “can- do” approach to problem solving in order to meet the needs of each person in its care. Along with an accepting attitude, family involvement is both welcomed and valued as a partner in a variety of opportunities for individual growth and community participation.

The benefits to our daughter, Christine, from Participation House are numerous. Her life is enriched through the great number of activities to which PH has exposed her. She attends swimming activities at the local YMCA. This is not only an enjoyable experience for her but provides for some physical exercise. She was part of an outdoor camping experience, has attended concerts, is able to apply her love for the outdoors in her backyard garden, and invites friends to her house to participate in craft activities, watch a movie or have a “spa night”. There are many other activities to which she has been introduced, and her life has been enriched because of Participation House.

With the help of staff, Christine is able to communicate with family members who live in different cities and countries. Our daughter requires a modified vehicle for transportation and PH has made it possible for her to attend family celebrations. Of greater benefit, is the reassurance that her home will be there for her and that staff can identify her needs, wants, joys and pains. Another major benefit of PH is the support our daughter gets when she is in hospital. Because Christine is non-verbal, staff accompany her and can advocate on her behalf, and describe what is normal/abnormal for her in order to help hospital staff to more accurately diagnose and plan treatment.

While this agency receives funding from government sources for staffing and shelter, items such as: transportation; hospital support; specialized equipment; and fees for community activities are not funded. Yet, in its belief that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in their community, PH is not only creative but is very responsible in how funds are expended to benefit the people it cares for. Participation House also recognizes there are families in our community who have no support to help them care for their loved one. With a donation, PH would be able to offer a greater variety and number of supports for those families waiting for service.

While our particular family has no direct connections to your firm, we are aware from media reports of the excellent work you do on behalf of our city and its people. We want to thank you for being such a generous community partner who is sensitive to the needs of those who are not able to advocate for themselves and need our support. Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for the opportunity to present a very worthy agency for your consideration.


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