Kids Country Club

Kids Country Club came into our life right after a devastating medical diagnosis and the shocking diagnosis of Down Syndrome. They were our only support at the time and it was life changing. We were not sure we could continue parenting until they came along to provide respite. They remain supportive and have taught us tips and tricks that have been so helpful. Without them our family would have no relief and we could not provide a quality of life for not only our daughter, but our sons. Kids Country Club is the only place that provides respite for kids that are technology dependent. These kids deserve special care too!! Kids Country Club depends on outside money to keep their doors open and have already had to exclude days to families who cannot pay full price out of pocket. As a family of 5 living off of $25,000 a year respite at an affordable price is critical as we cannot afford a one–on-one worker. Due to my husband almost dying in April from blood clots from his sickle cell disease our family depends on occasional breaks just to survive. Thank you for the consideration!


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