Big Brothers Big Sisters of London & Area

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead.

In 1974, we had a small group right here in London, the group researched and validated that girls in our community would benefit from having a positive adult role model in their lives. The group, which included one of Lerners’ employees, took action and formed Big Sisters of London.

Big Sisters is a simple concept, you match a young girl with an adult woman, foster and support the relationship and change a life. What was not entirely evident from the beginning was Big Sisters would not only change the life of a young girl, but the life of the Big Sister. It goes further; Big Sisters of London would change the world. Well….maybe not the whole world but certainly the world of Big Sisters! In addition to changing the lives of the Littles & Bigs, it changed the lives of Board members, volunteers and staff. Many of whom were/are employees of Lerners, employees who voluntarily committed their time and energy to the girls in our community. Big Sisters is exactly half the age of Lerners and like the firm, has grown and evolved over the years to meet the needs and demands of our community. Lerners has been a true source of inspiration; offering friendship, guidance and sponsorship throughout the years.

My connection with Big Sisters commenced in the last decade, as I opened the door to the agency 21 years ago a “Big Sister World” emerged. I began my tenure with Big Sisters as an employee; however very quickly, it became more than a job to me…..okay after a bit of turbulence, it became MUCH more than just a job to me. I found myself in an environment rich with acceptance, support, opportunity and friendship, for which I am eternally grateful. As I reflect on my time with the agency both as a staff and now as a supporter, I realize this letter is an opportunity for a public thank you.

Thank you to Lerners for all the financial and human resources you offered and continue to offer. With your help along with the broader community, Big Sisters was successful in seeing young girls achieve their full potential; families overcome obstacles with support from staff and Bigs; staff who developed and refined their skills to go on to accept greater challenges; Board members who were unwavering in their commitment, time and leadership to all involved.

Finally, I personally had the honour and privilege to witness and benefit from the investment you (Lerners) made to Big Sisters and now the unified Big Brothers Big Sisters. I will cherish my memories and life-long friendships created during my time in the “Big Sister World” and commit to continue to use my strength and capacities to build healthier, resilient communities. Your legacy will live on!

- Catherine

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