Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario

My husband and I have three boys. In December 2016  one son who was almost two years old, had fevers and we were admitted to a local hospital and then a few days later transferred to London Health Sciences Centre. That’s when we found out how amazing Ronald McDonald House is. Our son ended up having sepsis and meningitis, he was an in-patient for 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year’s. Ronald McDonald House gave us a home to bring our family to for Christmas that year, the staff were amazing, especially when you just needed someone to talk to. Volunteers made dinner every night, and there was always food in the pantry, so we could spend all of our time with our boys helping our son recover. Ronald McDonald House took care of our Christmas shopping, providing us with a free ‘store’ to do all of our shopping for our family. As hard as it was being away over the holidays Ronald McDonald House made it the second best place to be. I will be forever grateful for what they did for our family. A place to sleep, warm meals and friendly staff, games and crafts for the kids, and a shoulder to cry on. All for $10 a day. Please consider donating to Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwestern Ontario so they can continue to support families like mine.

- Renee

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