Green Economy London

Dealing with the topic of climate change is overwhelming to many, as the conversation about a warming climate usually focuses on the impending negative impacts. I have found that when focus is placed on the enormity of the climate change problem, it pushes people away from trying to make change. Green Economy London is changing this conversation and how people view taking action against climate change. I have found Green Economy London to be inspiring, as they are able to show businesses that sustainability is within their reach, and that there are ways to further develop their business without compromising the resources of future generations.

Green Economy London is paving the way for sustainable practices to become the norm in businesses within our community. They are a not-for-profit organization that is bringing together businesses looking to achieve sustainability goals, and they help these businesses reduce their energy usage, water usage, and waste.

I am extremely lucky to be working with the Green Economy London team as part of a co-op for my master’s program. Working as their sustainability coordinator, they have given me the opportunity to create sustainability projects for businesses to adapt, and working with local businesses has allowed me to see first-hand the interest people have in becoming more sustainable.

Prior to working with Green Economy London, I had the impression that businesses only adapted sustainable practices to either save money or to improve their image. Now I have learned first-hand that people really just want to do the right thing, however, they often do not have the financial backing, resources, or expertise to implement sustainable initiatives. This is where Green Economy London comes in, as they help provide services and tools to the business in order to achieve their sustainability goals.

A donation would help fund local businesses’ sustainability projects and further spread the sustainable movement Green Economy London is pushing within our city. This organization has shown me that there is a vast range of people who are taking environmental and climate change issues seriously, not just environmentalists, and has inspired me to continue a career in the environmental sector.

- Natalie

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