Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario

My husband and I waited thirteen years to start our family. When our perfectly healthy baby girl was born in November 2013 we felt an overwhelming sense of love that we couldn’t even imagine existed. She became our whole world and that world was turned upside down on May 26, 2015, when our daughter, then 18 months old was diagnosed with Leukemia. As a family we endured two and a half years of chemotherapy treatment as well as many surgeries, hospital stays, and procedures. Spending so much time in the hospital gave us an opportunity to meet other families who shared our journey. It was one of those supportive families that mentioned the Make-A-Wish Foundation - Southwestern Ontario branch and encouraged us to nominate our daughter for a Wish. From the very first contact with the Make-A-Wish staff and volunteers, I knew we were in good hands. Our daughter has always been a fan of Mary Poppins and naturally her Wish became to meet Mary. The Make-A-Wish Foundation treated us to a world-class trip to Disney World where one morning we had the opportunity to have one on one time with Mary Poppins herself.

I’ll never forget the day our daughter’s wish came true! Mary Poppins was absolutely magical. She was so graceful, she almost floated into the room and the look on our daughter’s face was priceless! It was a look of pure childhood admiration. Mary Poppins was an absolute dream and she and our daughter talked about how much they liked sitting on clouds and how special Bert was. Our daughter even quizzed her with Supercalifragilisticexbialadocious. And Mary quizzed her back by asking if she knew how to say it backward? It was very fun! And then our daughter told Mary Poppins she loved her and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room. Mary hugged her in the most tender way and didn’t pull away until she was ready. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

The entire Wish experience went a long way to healing our family and making us whole again. They reignited our spark! We felt energized and ready to leave the sickness behind us and carry on with our new, improved lives. I truly felt a sense of closure and I know I wouldn’t have felt this way without our Wish. Our Wish was over a year ago and we still think of it fondly. We are forever grateful for the Make-A-Wish Foundation for their role in our daughter’s healing. We hope you’ll consider this incredible organization for your charity giveaway. They are truly changing lives!

- Christine