Investing in Children

My son’s dream was to always learn how to play the guitar. However, the classes offered within the city were not within my budget. When I first learned about Investing in Children’s Free Youth Guitar Program, my son was thrilled. He has been attending the program since the beginning. He started out not knowing a thing, but now he can read the music notes and play the guitar very well! In fact, he now plays the guitar and sings to our family all the time. This would not have been possible without Investing in Children’s Free Youth Guitar Program. Both my son and I are beyond grateful and we would love to see the program continue. If the program were to end, my son would be very upset and disappointed, and it would put me in a tough position to try to find him an affordable class. Thank you again for this program, including for the amazing instructors, and we are very grateful.


- Nurhan

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