Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario

I write some of the wish stories after they’ve been granted. They go in the Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario Chapter newsletters, website and social medias. I’m not directly involved with what sounds like an amazing wish experience for the recipients and their families, and I don’t get the satisfaction of granting a wish and seeing the joy that brings, but I do get to re-live it when I document the wish granting for stories. That helps others understand the power of the wishes that Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario Chapter grants.

I’m a communication specialist who works in the financial services industry. That means I write about products that can change lives and that’s satisfying but not near as fulfilling as I feel when I write about wishes granted.

I’ve gone through a serious health scare with one of my children in his late teens. Volunteering with Make-A-Wish reminds me of how precious health is and what a family-saving experience these granted wishes bring. One mother of an ill young son says these wishes allow sick children to just be children, and not children with illnesses. They get to feel special and do so many things that make them feel stronger. They’re happy. Just so, so, so happy. They come out of their shells and make their families proud to be with them, and not just the family of an ill child. They bond because of the wish and most important, the wishes, especially the trips, allow the families to relax. They’re not rushing to medical appointments, waiting for bad news, distracted by caregiving. They’re simply enjoying their children and playing with them and that is such a priceless gift.

These gifts can’t happen without volunteers who donate their time for services so that the most money possible can be used to grant wishes. More impactful still are the corporate sponsors and organizations who donate money to Make-A-Wish.

Thank you Lerners for the opportunity to submit this story for consideration of Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario Chapter in your 90th anniversary $90,000 charitable giveaway.

- Colleen

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