Investing in Children

I became involved with Investing in Children over 10 years ago. Part of their portfolio is the Ontario Student Nutrition Program. OSNP provides essential funding to area schools for breakfast, lunch and snack programs. The funding that we receive can be used to purchase food, as well as equipment such as toasters, fridges, freezers, etc. Each year more and more schools access the funding that is provided by the program. I have seen first-hand the impact that something as simple as fresh fruit or a piece of toast can make to a student's day. My first teaching job was in a small, rural-based school. Within a short time after starting at that school, I realized how many students were arriving each day without breakfast, or not enough food in their lunch bags to get them through the day. With the help of a parent from the community, we completed an OSNP grant application, and I have been connected with Investing in Children ever since. Without their support, both financial and administrative, we would not be able to run our breakfast and snack program.

- Sharon

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