HIPPY Oakville

Supporting worthwhile causes and community involvement has been a hallmark of the lawyers at Lerners throughout its 90 year history.

In my own case, though my community involvement has tapered off in recent years, supporting worthwhile causes has not.

One of my current favorites, based on what it does and who it does it for, is HIPPY Oakville, run by June Cockwell, a good friend and the spouse of a client. (HIPPY is an acronym for Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters.)

HIPPY Oakville is part of an international endeavour in 10 countries. It supports vulnerable mothers, often immigrants, and their preschool children.

The HIPPY program hires Home Visitors to teach the mothers of preschool children how to develop the vital pre-reading, pre-math, pre-writing and the social skills the children will need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

For the mothers, Home Visitors assist in improving literacy skills, advising how to be advocates for their children in the school system, helping build resumes to assist in gaining employment and generally acting as mentors and role models.

In its 12 years of operation HIPPY Oakville has helped many hundreds of such mothers and their children on the way to success.

Truly an organization worthy of support.

- Earl

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