The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise (a Social Enterprise organization)

Five years ago, two compassionate dedicated ladies embarked on a Mission to make a difference in people’s lives. people who were marginally challenged to find employment that would help them supplement their disability pensions. The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise, a Social Enterprise organization, was launched. With belief in their mission, they have now launched 3 sites in local Ontario towns, Paris, Mt. Forest, Kitchener and a 4th ready to launch in Innerkip. Employees have found new purpose in their lives, dignity in being employed and feeling a part of a team that is producing wonderful healthy, delicious varieties of gourmet soups. The success of The Raw Carrot has resulted from the tireless efforts these ladies have given, reaching out for volunteers from the community to assist in the kitchens, reaching out for opportunities to secure monetary grant support from every available opportunity, and pounding the pavement to find outlets for soup sales. Raw Carrot Soup is now available in gourmet food markets around the local area.

In order to fill the demand and grow this unique social enterprise, they continue to reach out for sponsorship and grant Opportunities. As a volunteer with The Raw Carrot, I see how support from organizations like the Lerners LLP and your “90th Anniversary” giveaway would assist The Raw Carrot and continue the Mission that Rebecca and Colleen have envisioned for the future growth and continued success of The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise.


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