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Participation House Support Services (PH) is the only organization that helped our daughter, Christine, as other agencies refused to support her increasing needs. During her toddler years, she became seriously ill with multiple UTIs requiring surgery, and again at age 16. At age 9, Christine had her first seizure. We became aware later on that her seizures were related to brain damage she sustained during her illness. Because Christine had a seizure at school, the school refused to let her continue attending and she never finished elementary school.

We cared for Christine at home until the age of 22, when she was accepted into the care of a community service provider. During this early transition, there were many challenges with her care including injuries sustained from seizures, medication toxicity, and hospitalizations. Her needs became too great and the provider would not support her.

While residing with another provider, Christine had a seizure and fell down six steps, shattering her ankle and seriously injuring her leg. She had multiple surgeries, resulting in pins in her ankle and a lengthy 3-4 month recovery. The service provider refused to take her home, even with CCAC support and equipment provisions.

The only option given at the time was to live in a nursing home. At the age of 40, Christine did not want to live there. We reached out to community officials and local politicians, but received no response. Feeling desperate, we contacted PH to see if respite was an option; they made it happen quickly with professionalism and compassion. They accommodated her care needs, and eighteen years ago, Christine moved into a new home with PH supports.

We did not realize service providers could be so different! PH adapts to meet the person’s needs. Whether in-home, in-hospital or in-community, their first priority is caring for the people they support. Staff truly listen to our concerns and act upon them. Christine has blossomed in many ways; she has a busy schedule and takes Paratransit daily to participate in community activities.

At the ages of 84 and 85, we are comforted knowing that Christine is in the right care and that PH is there for Christine and many others.

Participation House should receive a donation because they help the people who slip through the cracks in the system, when families have exhausted all other options and don’t know what else to do. A donation would help people like Christine and their families who have no other options.

Participation House supports individuals with developmental disabilities and/or complex physical needs to live in their own homes, participate in community and enjoy life with family and friends. Founded in 1988, they support more than 200 people with developmental disabilities and/or complex medical/physical needs in more than 50 locations throughout Ontario.

We are not connected to Lerners, but heard about the giveaway from others. Congratulations on your 90th anniversary, and thank you for the opportunity to tell our story in the hopes of giving back to this marvelous organization.

Bill and Margaret

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