Paris Presbyterian Church - The Raw Carrot

I started volunteering approximately 14 months ago at the Raw Carrot where "challenged" people earn a wage to prepare soup which is then sold to the general public, upmarket grocery stores and local restaurants. I help to package and label the soup. This opportunity has given me an insight into the lives of people with whom I would not ordinarily engage and has taught me to be more tolerant and understanding of some members of our society who, through no fault of their own or due to personal relationships and other issues, live on the fringes of our affluent society. I have come to understand that there a many kind people who donate their time and skills to creating this enterprise and find that everyone "wins". I have personally been very blessed in many ways and was taught to "give back". My volunteer work at The Raw Carrot allows me to do this in some small way that has a positive impact on other people.

- Robert

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