Community Living London

My daughter Cathie is 40 years old and supported by Community Living London. We have been connected to CLL for more than 38 years.

I remember that first day when the bus to CLL’s Scatcherd Children’s Centre arrived at our house to pick up Cathie. I had a lot of questions for the bus driver – What route are you taking? How long will it take? How many children will be on the bus? The bus driver suggested maybe I just get on the bus. So I immediately jumped on and accompanied Cathie to her first day at CLL’s preschool. For our entire family, this would be the beginning of a lifetime relationship with Community Living London.

After moving on from preschool, Cathie was able to attend CLL’s Teach and Play Toy Lending Library, this program provided opportunities for Cathie to develop skills and achieve developmental milestones through play with toys from the library.

During Cathie’s school years, we greatly benefited from Community Living London’s Respite Services. My husband and I used Respite Services to be able to go away on vacation, and utilized the program on the occasional weekend to spend time together as a couple and family, while Cathie enjoyed a weekend away. I credit the staff supports provided at Respite for giving our family peace of mind to focus on other family needs while preserving our marriage and family unit.

When my husband Mike passed away, it left our family in a difficult situation. Mike, who worked from home, had provided Cathie with most of her transportation to and from appointments and events, but now I was left being the only support in Cathie’s life. This made it very difficult for Cathie to continue participating in as many activities outside the home, impacting her much needed social connections. Fortunately Cathie was approved for the passport funding and began to take advantage of the programs and activities through CLL’s Community Access Services.

One day, the call came; Community Living London had a vacancy in one of their group living situations. Cathie’s now lives in her own home with two roommates. Knowing that Cathie is happy and well cared for I can spend time with friends, and go on trips. When Cathie and I get together, we cherish that special mother-daughter time. Thank you Community Living London!

- Deborah

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