The Possibilities Project, Parkwood Institute, St. Joseph’s Health Care

Two years ago in July I fell out of tree and imploded my T12 and fractured my T11. I was one of the fortunate ones to be able to go to Parkwood Institute from Windsor. My therapists and doctors and nurses where such a positive experience, but then I met Chris in nutrition at Parkwood. She was on point and always positive. Chris had such a great spirit about her, pure and friendly, and when I was leaving Parkwood and was asked if they could help, I said yes. The one thing I needed and didn't have covered financially was my acorn stairlift. I was amazed and am grateful to this day of how the Possibilities Project fund helped keep me in my house, thank you. Now I'm trying to be the second paraplegic to drive a transport in Ontario. Thru great charities come amazing results. I'm forever grateful. The love and kindness of others is a great feeling when you’re trying to make sense of a new life

- Glenn

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