Possibilities Project (in association with the St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation, London)

In 1988 I sustained a spinal cord injury while travelling overseas. When I was stable enough to return to London I was admitted to Parkwood Institute's spinal cord injury rehabilitation program where I gained the strength and skills to live life fully from a wheelchair. In 1995 I was thrilled to become part of Parkwood's regional rehabilitation team as the dietitian for the spinal cord injury and brain injury programs.

So many patients admitted have no means to afford the significant expenses they suddenly face as the result of a life-changing injury or illness. I began to give away my spare wheelchairs and other equipment. When I ran out, I contacted friends with disabilities to ask if they had equipment to donate to our patients. This, clearly, was not sustainable. My family and I, with the support of our rehab team, started the Possibilities Project and have recently partnered with St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation.

The Possibilities Project is truly a "grass-roots" organization whose objective is to ease the burden of Parkwood's patients with spinal cord injury, brain injury and amputations who are faced with insurmountable financial challenges, unable to afford the most basic needs.

Money raised through fund-raising initiatives such as yard sales, gift basket raffles, bake sales, silent auctions and personal donations, purchases manual and custom power wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, commodes, shower benches, eyeglasses, dental repair, custom footwear and bracing, hand splints, ramps, porch lifts, grab bars, and other equipment and minor home modifications needed to allow our patients to return home, or into the community if home is no longer an option. As available funds increase, it will be possible to purchase higher-cost items for our patients in need.

The Possibilities Project is fueled by a strong team spirit to lighten the burden and enhance the quality of the lives of our patients and their families. To be a recipient of Lerners generosity would allow us to continue this ever-important mission.

With gratitude,

- Chris

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