Possibilities Project

The Possibilities Project was organized at Parkwood Institute in order to support individuals in need of accessibility equipment. Donations of gently used equipment or monetary donations are accepted and made available to patients of the hospital that otherwise may not be able to obtain necessary adaptive equipment. The Possibilities Project has been life-changing for many individuals over the past few years. For instance, custom seating is costly, and some individuals struggle to afford their portion of the equipment if they do not have access to insurance or other sources of funding. Through the Possibilities Project, it has been possible for therapists and hospital staff to provide custom seating wheelchairs to patients who were in need of specialized seating and positioning. This is a great gift, as these individuals are experiencing one of the most challenging moments of their lives. The Possibilities Project has been able to remove some financial burden that, for many, is an unfortunate reality. More recently, our team was able to increase an individual’s independence significantly by providing them with a power wheelchair donated through the Possibilities Project. Without this piece of equipment, this individual would not be able to access their community independently in order to fulfill necessary daily activities; they would always require the assistance of one person to complete any shopping or errands. The individual had already previously exhausted all other funding avenues, and without the Possibilities Project would not have access to a power wheelchair. Being able to complete these daily tasks has improved this individual’s quality of life significantly, as they are now able to access their community without the assistance of others. The Possibilities Project has such a positive impact on the lives of individuals in such a short period of time; donations to the project are greatly appreciated as we can offer our patients incredible opportunities to make their lives easier overall and improve their quality of life.

- Amanda

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