Paris Presbyterian Church - The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise

The Raw Carrot is a social enterprise that employs people who are on ODSP. These folks are part of the community surrounding each kitchen location; Paris, Mt Forest, Kitchener, and Woodstock. Our staff could not hold employment in the traditional workforce. The Raw Carrot provides them employment, community and most importantly they have self-fulfillment and pride. I manage one of the kitchens for the Raw Carrot and I have the privilege of working and training 9 very special people. When one of the team learns a new task they are full of pride and self-confidence; they grin from ear to ear. One of my staff's parents said her daughter is a totally different person since working with the Raw Carrot; "she has purpose, community, and more self-esteem; she is really happy. As aging parents this brings them great comfort". The Raw Carrot has impact on our employees and their families, not to mention our customers who love our delicious soup.


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