Paris Presbyterian Church - The Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise

Heather started working at the Raw Carrot Soup Enterprise in 2016. Before that she did menial cleaning jobs at a factory in Brantford & we live in Paris so it meant her parents (both in their 80s) had to drive her the 17 km back and forth. The factory closed in Dec. 2015 so she was out of a job. We heard about the Raw Carrot and she went on her own to apply. She started working there in April 2016. We have noticed a dramatic change in her almost from the beginning. She is 57 years old and hated going to work but once she started at the Raw Carrot she is out of bed in the morning and eager to go to work at the "Carrot". Although she cannot read beyond a grade 2 level she was able to pass her Safe Food Handling Certificate with flying colours. She has learned many new skills, made new friends and just loves to tell anyone who will listen all about her job. She is much more confident in the kitchen at home now. It is exciting for her to say that she has a job and earning her own money. The staff are super and are willing to show & explain things. They have become like a family. It is truly a wonderful program and we hope that the program flourishes. We are sending you a picture via e-mail.

- Heather

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