London Symphonia

The saying that you don’t truly miss something until it’s gone turns out to be very true! When the musicians of the defunct Orchestra London picked up the baton with the #weplayon orchestra to a packed hall it was wonderful to hear a large symphonic orchestra in London once again. The orchestra has since morphed into London Symphonia, appointed a strong board and now has several fantastic seasons under their belt. When the orchestral music stopped I came to realize what a gift it was that in London we had such talented and dedicated musicians who worked very hard to produce incredible offerings. I also realized that you can’t sit back and be complacent. In your life, if there is something that is important, you have to help out in whatever way you can. Sure I bought tickets, spread the word to friends but I also felt that perhaps I could give more. I now volunteer with London Symphonia doing various tasks their small overworked staff might not have the time to do. Helping this wonderful organization by volunteering or through a financial donation makes you feel you are a part – that you are keeping a very important part of London’s vital signs alive and well. Thank you Lerners for giving me the opportunity to sit back and contemplate why London Symphonia is important to me and the City of London.

- Louise

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