Investing in Children

I would like to nominate Investing in Children for the Lerners 90th Charitable Giveaway. Investing in Children helps children, adults and community members with “programs focusing on literacy and numeracy, leadership, proper nutrition and other keys to future success”. Some of the amazing projects they are a part of include: adopt-a-park, family literacy nights, after school programs, blue boxes for books, student nutrition and special Olympics, just to name a few!

I am personally nominating Investing in Children because they have had such a lasting impact on the students at my school. We are a small school with many children that benefit from the food provided daily as well as the knowledge gained about proper nutrition. We are very fortunate to have funding through Investing in Children as well as our own fundraising efforts to provide a variety of healthy snacks and meal options to not only the children in need, but the whole school as well. This has the added benefit of reducing stigma and making it possible to offer many opportunities to try new foods on the snack cart offered every day at first break. As well we offer lunches to those in need, no questions asked, if you need a lunch it is there for you.

We also use our funds to help facilitate a “Let’s Get Cooking” program which provides 8 weeks of instruction to a selected class. With the support of our local Health Nurse, classroom teacher and other trained facilitators at our school we teach children: proper handwashing techniques, how to properly wash and store fresh foods, knife skills, cooking skills and the opportunity to try new and healthy foods.

With the support of Investing in Children we were able to participate in a food delivery program which allowed us to receive fresh produce at a reduced cost, due to the charity being able to order in bulk. This also afforded us the opportunity to participate in Tasty Ontario Tuesdays which focused on a locally grown, seasonal item. Children were able to learn more about foods produced in their area and eat local.

The funds, if donated to Investing in Children, would be used to further support these programs and others that are so vitally important to our future. I cannot state enough the impact this program has had on our students. Not only are they more available for learning but they have gained a new appreciation for healthy eating with a focus on fruits and vegetables.

Thank you for your time, Robin

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