Hutton House

Submitted by Penny Moore (age 56 yrs) on Behalf of Hutton House Players (Hutton House Players: Penny Moore, Kaywyn Allison, Mike Goertz, Eric McArthur, Oriana Snowden, Adam Ugar, Daniel Varghese, Taylor Watson) This submission was written as a group.

Hutton House was established approximately  67 years ago, in London Ontario (1952). Started in a small schoolhouse with 36 physically disabled adults, there are approximately 4000 with over 50 staff and will continue to grow.

For one summer in the beginning we worked in a warehouse without air conditioning in the heat sorting, sealing, postage known as the Hutton House Mail Service. Pay at that time was less than 5 cents below minimum wage as a pilot project, this ended in 2002.

In 1993 Hutton House moved from Quebec Street to 654 Wonderland Road, which is now the main building, with a grant from the City of London to buy the land.

Hutton House had other programs such as pottery, weaving, ceramics and a gift shop which was at Westmount Mall and Flint Cottage at Storybook Gardens. Approximately 10 years ago the Gift Shop moved to the main building selling pottery made at Hutton House. Weaving was soon ended and the basement at the building was converted into a fitness and gym.

In June 2002 Hutton House used interests and skills from staff and participants to expand programs, such as Pottery, Music, Theatre, Lifeworks, Artworks, Volunteerism, Education, and Employment. Expansion placed on main building in 2010.

Hutton House consists of four buildings right now with various programs and support for adults with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities. Hutton House will continue to grow to have programs and support to let persons living with a disability be more included and productive within the community as the need continues to increases.

Hutton House has helped each one of us to achieve attainable goals to be more independent in society. Theatre has built our confidence and self-confidence, being able to find ourselves. We have learned skills to improve our self-awareness and self-advocacy. We are able to break down barriers within society. Hutton House teaches life skills, employment skills for us to belong, and acceptance and equal opportunities. We have learned from our mistakes, strengths and weaknesses to become better persons.

Hutton House is a place of diversity and inclusion in many ways through various programs and supports.

We feel, as a group, Hutton House should receive a donation so that we could expand the theatre space to be more accessible and inclusive to everyone. Also, we would like to be able to develop a media show such as on Rogers weekly program to educate, update, inform others of support and resources for the disabled as a theatre group and expand our skills, using guest speakers and speaking to persons in the community with issues of the disabled.

We (The Hutton House Players) are all participants with various disabilities that are involved in theatre and other programs at Hutton House.

- Penny, Kaywyn, Mike, Eric, Oriana, Adam, Daniel and Taylor (This submission was written as a group)

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